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8 Steps Easy Selling Process.

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    Submit your info and tell us a convenient date/time to bring your car to our showroom.

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    Bring your car to 911 Assistant to take photos and perform an initial inspection.

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    We estimate the value of your car and provide a consignment agreement for you to sign.

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    We advertise your car and contact potential buyers to see your car by appointment.

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    We pick up your car with our enclosed trailer for an appointment with a potential buyer.

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    We perform a full inspection. Depending on the agreement, a test drive can be arranged.

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    Sit back, relax, and wait for good news.

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    If the sale is successful, congratulations, you’re about to get paid!


If you’re a Porsche owner, you may have limited time to sell your car.  Let us do it for you so you can take back your valuable time.

To sell an expensive car, you need market reach, credibility, visibility, and professional presentation. By selling your car with 911 Assistant, you reach our customer base with the credibility of our name.

We have built a solid reputation over the past 10 years based on our expertise, passion, and service-mindedness. We have a large following of Porsche owners and potential buyers who come to us for the best deals. We can sell your car quickly and with the best net return for you.

We take photos, conduct an in-person evaluation, list the car on our website and other outlets, and field all calls from prospective buyers. We'll let them know what selling price you need and make arrangements to show your car to a qualified buyer. During this time, the car stays with you so you can continue to take care of your Porsche and have access to it. What could be better than that?

Consignment & Sales
When it's time for a change, 911 Assistant gives you access to Porsche enthusiasts looking to buy a car like yours.
Our sales team is dedicated to selling your car at the best price for you, so you can get the most value for your car.