Passion for Porsche


About 911 Assistant

Thailand's leading Porsche Specialist since 2009

Over 11 years of dedicated service exclusively to Porsche customers.

Built upon our passion for everything, our team of experts have established a reputation for professionalism and integrity with in-depth market knowledge and extensive technical expertise to help our customers in solving any doubts related to Porsche. We also offer a full range of services from vehicle consignment to aftersales services. Our 40-cars indoor showroom and over 100 more on the website provide an exceptional selection for any Porsche classics enthusiasts looking to buy and sell.

Our workshop operated by highly trained technicians provides our customers not only the confidence to source their next Porsche from 911 Assistant but also the reassurance of being in the hands of the experienced Porsche specialist. From standard routine maintenance to full-scale restoration, we always pride ourselves in complete transparency and commitment to deliver only the best to our customers.

Over the past decade, we have continually expanded our showroom and workshop. As of now, we have a total area spanning across 3500 sqm with a total of 16 service slots operating 6 days per week. Our double-deck parking lifts can store over 40 service vehicles simultaneously. Furthermore, we also have a dedicated engine assembling room with innovative part cleaning machine and comprehensive sets of special equipment.

At 911 Assistant, we provide one-stop service for Porsche 911 with a special focus on air-cooled models. All works are performed strictly according to the technical manuals released by Porsche Germany. No guessing or trial and errors involved. Our customers can be reassured that the condition of their beloved Porsche will be maintained just like the first day it was released from the factory.

We pride ourselves in ranges of services from routine maintenance program to performance upgrades and full restoration. We can also provide consultation on vehicle tuning and conversion to meet even the most demanding needs of our valuable customers.

Because at 911 Assistant, we are committed to delivering only the finest service to your car so that you can continue to enjoy your prized asset for many years to come.